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It’s essential that your building insurance is up-to-date because you could be paying too much for things you don’t need. Luckily, Premier Insurance can make sure you’re getting the best policy.

We are based in Consett, County Durham but we provide our comprehensive building insurance services to anyone living in the UK.

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Property Owners and Landlord Insurance

Finding the right landlord insurance to cover your investment property can be a struggle. We can provide you with the best solutions that will give you full protection at a competitive price.

Your policy will cover:

  • All forms of water damage
  • The right liability coverage
  • No co-insurance clause
  • The total amount it will cost for building repairs
  • Considered extras such as earthquake and flood insurance

For more information on our services, Get In Touch with our team. We’re always happy to help.

The Benefits of Property Insurance

Whether you’re a property owner or you have an investment property with tenants, it’s important that you have comprehensive property insurance, so you’re protected in case of any problems.

The benefits of property insurance include:

  • Full protection against property damage
  • Liability protection
  • Power outage protection
  • Protection for art and jewellery
  • Full protection for commercial ventures

If you have a specific requirement you would like added to your property insurance, please contact us today. Our team can negotiate directly with the insurer, so your policy is tailored to your needs.

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Commercial Motor

Commercial Motor

We can also accommodate part-time and full-time motor traders working from home.



Whether you’re looking for annual taxi insurance.



It’s essential to have personal liability insurance.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Tailored Business & Company Insurance That Is Right For You.